M. Alexon Balangue

WebMaster - System/Network data-computer - Internet - Marketing - Office

Professional Yearly

€ 3.135,00

Do you have a preference for particular features, free software and really needed needs of your business.
  • Site showcase Fullstack PHP7/JSON
  • Choose domain name (extention: fr,com,net,org,me)
  • Webmaster/Developper (minimum 4h/Month)
  • IT/Outsourcing (minimum 2h/Month)
  • Installation fees and future updates
  • Natural reference (SEO, SERP, JSON-LD)
  • CMS Joomla Convertible Theme (WP Convertible Theme Not Available)
  • Private Server (VPS) OVH
  • License Plesk Onynx PRO (VPS)
  • Registration Media and Social Networks
  • Registration Media and Social Networks
  • Marketing: Banner advertising CPM/CPC
  • Professional Fees


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