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To be polyvalent
Officially Micro-entrepreneur (formerly self-entrepreneur/individual entrepreneur) I am ready to bring my expertise services and IT competence at work, in 4 words: competitive, freedom, modernity and simplicity.

Il était une fois,


My self-training begins at the end of the school year in the 1st year BEP automotive mechanic, as a result taken late to be in a computer school at the rectorate of betting has no more place at the end of 2008.


According to my research I was going even further except that it requires a dlplomes to be webmaster or a superfluous rates in private schools (certainly recommend).


Learning is even just right that, where I can go, it's not buying books, and at the time was not at all the "site of the formerly openclassroom zero" that I learned far of the. It is well from the American website and Developpez. (Neither webminar nor MOOC)


Some years later, finally, a training that forms in the computer field allowed me to review my theoretical and some practice what I already know or not, apart from cisco packet tracer in the end serves me nothing today.
Testing my skills and know-how being particular on these platform sites between particular in the computer field that requires no diploma at first places requests from generous people, new encounter with people my trust, a stupidity I had Made but finally intends to correct my mistake at the end of July 2017. Tests and opinions (written in french) previously from November 2016 to Jully 2017.


The areas of computing what I can eventually exercise and help you solve.

Computer Assistant


After you describe to me the following problems or use your device, consider doing will even make an in-depth diagnosis so that you will be totally satisfied with my services.


I bring you tips to bring in more of your use, in case I show you how to do it for you.

IT Technician


It's like a mechanic is to know the breakdown what you are currently experiencing.


All that touches the printed card (electrician) in a laptop like capacitor, glued graphics card, solder, smartphone (very meticulous), television, etc. .. does not have the tools and skills to perform.

Development / Designer


My only scalable method is full-stack and opensource.



Depending on your low-awareness site, low-resource site will be able to take a server share.


According to your site high awareness, high consumption resource will take a server under tutelage to manage your future server.



The most basic that does not require too much time to be referenced.


Need for coding technicity to understand its systems and implement.



I add this rule is essential it is not 1, 2 or 3 site but there is more than 2k of website to be visible all over the world to do this really know and certain year of existence of notoriety.



These attractive expenses more economical on multifunctional strategic investment.


It's up to you play

The rest is communication, tracking your business to give you a totally free boost entrepreneur.livingxworld.com and independent.


Teaching, giving a taste for creativity in oneself DyiProd.com something unique very simple or complex.

Rate TTC (0% TVA)

My only rates are totally independent and completely different whatever the mission you ask, there are not many and it's really very simplistic.

Type of service IT Assistant Computer maintenance techniciane Webmaster Relocation assistance Marketing Digital
Professional fees
Professional fees
Freelancer fees
Basic rates TTC (0% TVA) 14€/hour 28€/hour 28€/hour shortly 171€/month 25€/day 30€/day 50€/day
Total prices TTC (0% TVA)
From of 39€/day
for 1 houres
From of 53€/day
for 1 houres
From of 53€/day
for 1 houres
shortly From of 196€/Month
for 1 jours
Total prices TTC (0% TVA)
From of 44€/day
for 1 houres
From of 58€/day
for 1 houres
From of 58€/day
for 1 houres
shortly From of 201€/Month
for 1 jours
Total prices TTC (0% TVA)
From of 44€/day
for 1 houres
From of 78€/day
for 1 houres
From of 78€/day
for 1 houres
shortly From of 221€/Month
for 1 jours
You will want all the details of service delivery or computer troubleshooting what I propose.

My presence - site built since 2014

In terms of visibility I am present almost everywhere internationally, my only target of travel and the area closest to my customers nearby on home computer troubleshooting in the Ile-de-France. with good and/or maybe bad experiences.
There is no false opinion or method deceptive not like some professional, even if the method to uberiser the services is still difficult that I imagined being self-taught and already test my activity for 1 years being special, my goal and to all of you to have made several turnover.

Third party platform - opinions to see

I have finalized a mission to already perform in your corporate offices or at home, and you have not yet sent me your opinion or a favorable or unfavorable rating. first of all I thank you again for your confidence, and it is not too late to give your opinion.
Platform Date First name Family name type of request
Customer Reviews
Stootie november, 29th 2017 Christian M. Computer box sfr mobile phone tags="td" /] nice quiet smiling pontuel
Allovoisins december, 2nd 2017 Julia K. need IT skills to set up an HP Envy 7640 printer. Please contact me if you know this hardware and can help me Punctual and friendly, problem solved quickly.
Allovoisins december 14th 2017 Olivier -- I am looking for a Webmaster to modify our website. The site is hosted under Ovh. First physical appointment in our premises. Effective and fast, Alexon demonstrates understanding and efficiency in achieving what is asked of him.
YoupiJob décembre 30th 2017 Emmanuel M. Need to manage, centralize and synchronize my various data (mails, contacts, agendas, ..) on various media (smartphone, tablet and pc), I am looking for a person who can advise me and assist me in the various settings. Nice, attentive, invested and accomplished mission: very good
As of January 2018, the requests from this date the professional expenses increase in passing on these platforms, for the service fees and some transaction costs between 5% to 20% included.




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