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Relocation assistance

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Moving services

Moving furniture

Load and Unload

Volume cubic meter

Volume cubic meter (m²)

That they are the volume of your furniture: fragile object, light or heavy furniture and appliances


Problems may be encountered may have a solution for mounted furniture with or without an elevator

Transport truck

Transport truck

Do not own the permit trucks or commercial vehicle to transport or deliver from point A to point B intended locations of your choice.

List validation

Did you have a checklist created to verify the validation of your movable inventories?

List validation


I give you real advice to recommend and custom adaptation for each of my clients.

sturdy and solid

Depends on some moral days of motivation to act and be fit for you help the best of myself not more 100Kg.

sturdy and solid


The vast majority party to guarantee the services adapt in this craft field of this train all existing possible risk.

Transport mobility ecology

Parisian region


General price basic

This is the word "help" to give a service to unload a truck or load a truck, move your personal object, fragile object, household appliances, light furniture and heavy furniture in square meter or cubic meter of different pricing for all operation in these active sectors.

In preparation this train and develloper in this area

Intervention under appointment

Delivery Service Pricing H.T*
Load and unload a truck --€ hourly (in the process of reflection)
Moving furniture --€ hourly (in the process of reflection)
Fees professionnal
25€ dayli (in the process of reflection)
Fees professionnal
Frees professionnal

Real opinions being professional

The implementation will be applied soon maybe
Full Name (Platform)
Places and Date
His request His opinion
near future near future near future

The real opinions being professional in fase of tests

The tests were carried out at the end of June 2018
Full Name (Platform)
Places and Date
His request His opinion
Vanina (YoupiJob)
August 2018 / Paris 16
We are moving Sunday, August 26 to Paris and need help at the end of the day (18h following traffic) to empty the truck (12m3). Thanks to Alexon for his help!
Ghita (YoupiJob)
August 2018 / Paris 12
Hello, I'll just bring a couch, a mattress and a refrigerator under a cabinet in a guard a few meters from my house Very good, he helped us with the furniture.
Adèle (YoupiJob)
June 2018 / Paris 17
25m² = 1KM Perfect

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